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Following our business development plans to improve our support and services, we are pleased to inform you that at the beginning of August 2012 a new RCA BIGNAMI branch will be opened in Moscow under the name of "EGB-BH." The new branch will provide sharpening & grinding services for rotarys, blades and anvils. Furthermore, our service will cover the assessment and maintenance using our knowledge and technology, providing you with complete sharpening package as well as new rotary dies. The new facility will be located in Moscow city, at the following address: ul. Nikitinskaya 5a, where Mr. Galperin, will be more than happy to take care of your future inquiries. Please do not hesitate to make your inquiries directly.

OOO "ЭГБ-ВН" 107065, МОСКВА УЛ. КУРГАНСКАЯ Д.3, ПОМ. 7 Тел/Факс: +7-499-9685616 WWW.EGB-RD.RU